Excellent Reads

If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you… – This thread started in February 2011 and is one of the oldest Head-Fi threads regarding the ER series. EtyDave an engineer who represents the company will often hang around there, helping fans.

Etymotic Research EVO impressions and discussion – The EVO is arriving soon and this will be the place to check on impressions about it.

Filter / Damper Modifications

The effect of acoustic dampers on IEMs – Rin Choi uses a ER4B to find out how filters help shape the frequency response of an IEM.

Etymotic Research ER4SER4S measurements, effect of Knowles acoustic dampers and ear tips.

NRB Mod for more bass on Etymotics – Increase the bass response of Etymotic in-ears easily.

Removing metal filters from a ER4P – EtyDave explains how to remove the filters/dampers stuck inside the ER4P, can be of use for other Etymotic models also.


How deep do you insert your ER4? – Etmotics are known for deep insertion but how deep do you need to go? Check it in this comprehensive article by Rin Choi.

The Effect of Ear Sleeves: Etymotic Research ER4B – Rin Choi did some tests regarding the silicone and foam tips on the ER4B, this is important because not all tips are the same, he also tested the MC5.

Etymotic Research CUSTOM•FIT ear sleeves: An inconvenient truth? – A good read regarding custom tips, keep in mind this article is from 2013.


Inside Etymotic Research – zZounds tour to Etymotic Research headquarters.

Etymotic ER4SR “Assembled in Vietnam” – Questions regarding the assembly of the ER4 series in Vietnam.

Last update 27/02/2021