Mind the Headphone – ER4P (PT-BR) Review.

Leo is a reference (if not THE reference) in the Brazilian and Portuguese headphone communities, if you know Portuguese this review of the Etymotic ER4P is well worth the watch. I added this to the review section of the site.

My utmost best regards to Leo.
Valeu Leo, uma excelente review.

A new unofficial Ety community.

Etymotic is a company known by many, most audiophiles praise their sound quality, some hate the deep insertion their famous ER in-ears require, others like me don’t mind it at all. In the end people who love Etymotic will stay with the brand for years, at least from what I can see, because I’m fairly new to the brand compared with older enthusiasts.

This project started exactly because I searched for a Ety community online and found none. Yes, there is a very long thread on Head-Fi, but it’s just that a very long thread in the middle of a site dedicated to all kinds of headphones, etc.
Etymotic fans deserved a community about their favorite in-ears, so I started one. Keep in mind this community is not affiliated with Etymotic or any of their partners, it’s also not affiliated with any shop. It’s a pure fan made project, I won’t ask for donations or beg for help in every single post I share.

With that said, I’ll update this site in the next weeks, the Discord server is open to the public so feel free to drop by and say hello, the Twitter account will be mostly to reach out to other Ety fans and to share updates on this site.

Yours truly
Rafael aka Jour

Lisbon 19/02/2021